The OpenExam logotype

Its been some confusion about the ownership of the source code (talking strictly about the openexam-online project) from Uppsala University. This page tries to sort out the complete history for that project from its start until today.

Notice that OpenExam consists of multiple projects where i.e. the diagnostics tool, dynamic firewall or usage simulators has no connection at all with Uppsala University.


The project name was choosen by Anders Lövgren (the Computing Department at BMC) in 2010. Back then it was unique on internet, today there are somewhere between six or seven other projects are using the same name.


The logotype (the X inside a circle) is immaterial rights owned by Anders Lövgren. You can't use this logotype without explicit permission.

Legacy Copyright

Version 1.x (2009-2014) of openexam-online was developed at the Computing Department at BMC. The general project license was shared rights (see next section) although most source code files contained exception like this:

// Copyright (C) 2010-2014 Computing Department BMC,
// Uppsala Biomedical Centre, Uppsala University.

Shared Copyright & Ownership

Version 2.x (2014-2017) of openexam-online was developed by three parts (BMC-IT, QNET and Medfarm DoIT). Same license was applied uniformly on all source code files:

// The source code is copyrighted, with equal shared rights, between the
// authors (see the file AUTHORS) and the OpenExam project, Uppsala University
// unless otherwise explicit stated elsewhere.

The file COPYRIGHT (in the project root) made the clarification that source code is all *.php, *.inc and *.js files.

Intention of this license:

  • This is the standard license applied by BMC-IT on all project they cooperate in unless a signed agreement on other terms has been established.

  • Gives motivation to work with project on spare time because it explicit gives ownership of their work with rights to create commercial applications.

  • If Uppsala University claims exclusive rights on the source code, then the same rights will automatic be granted to the authors. This is the anti-"asshole" clause.

  • Approved by the head of BMC-IT at that time. Using this license was informed to other participating parts at Uppsala University without any objections.

  • This license superseeds the informal rules that gives Uppsala University right to claim ownership if they like because that rule only applies unless no other agreement has been done.

In this particular project the total contribution from Uppsala University is only slightly more that half of the code base. External contributions was tagged by QNET and is now the company Nowise Systems.

Open Source (GPL 2)

The approvement to release the project code under GPL 2 was made by three different parts: